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Tranquillity is one of the best health and beauty salons in Middlesex. They are well known for providing reliable and branded products that are customised for your skin. We only use and sell top quality products that get featured in popular magazines, used by celebrities and are recommended by various makeup artists. Among the prominent products, the two most trusted and established brands are:


The most anticipated product on the market, it has continued its tradition of only using natural ingredients. This environmentally friendly product avoids all of the components which causes allergies and irritation which can be potentially harmful to the skin. Only natural elements are used in Dermalogica, even the packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.


Jessica is the “Queen of Nail Care”, they are a hugely established, well known and trusted company who provide excellent nail care services and a huge range of nail colours. They have all types of nail varnish such as: glossy, matte, acrylic and gel nails. No matter if your nails are dry, soft, ridged, Midi sizes, brittle, or damaged, Jessica always has something that can improve the health and look of your nails.

Our innovative stock are from Universal Contour Wrap which are unrivalled which gives you exquisite results.

The dedicated therapists at Tranquillity are thoroughly trained with the newest techniques and have extensive product knowledge which helps to perfect the results each time.

We also stock products from Crystal Clear Skin Care and Universal Contourwrap, please call us or pop into our salon for more information.