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Our Treatments


Taking care of your hands and nails has never been easier with dermalogica and Jessica. With the right trimming, shaping, and polishing of your nails, you can achieve the nails that you have always dreamed of.


The cosmetic treatment takes care of the feet and toenails by clearing the dead cells. Products such as Jessica help finish off the pedicure by applying a layer of moisturiser and nail varnish which makes your nails feeling new and refreshed.


Body grooming is an important part of your overall appearance. In order to get the best results you should use advanced electrolysis. This method eliminates all unwanted hair from the body permanently, leaving your skin smooth and attractive.


The treatment of microdermabrasion allows us to treat wrinkles, lines, dull and dehydrated skin, sun damaged skin, acne prone skin problem and so on. The unique method of skin treatment is done by gently exfoliating the outer layers of the skin, while increasing new collagen and elastin formation to visibly rejuvenate and firm the skin of the face, neck and body.

Gel Nails care-

Natural nail care is the best kind of care so, with natural products from Jessica, you can achieve naturally attractive nails which are long-lasting. Each of our nail products dries in seconds and protects the nail from breaking.

Comcit Elite-

For effective skin rejuvenation and instant visible results nothing works better than Comcit Elite. It is the latest anti-ageing technology that stimulates collagen production. It increases skin firmness and provides deep penetration that smoothes lines and removes wrinkles.

Non-Surgical Facelifts-

Dermalogica is an effective non-surgical treatment that improves your facial appearance which restores the youthful look and feel of your skin. Correction of pigmentation, redness of the skin, and skin ageing is proactively taken care of by the right combination of Dermalogica products.


Massage treatments works like magic after a busy and hectic day. We can perform any type of massage from traditional massages that aids muscle pains to relaxing pressure techniques that are adapted according to your requirements.

  • Holistic Massage Therapy-

    Is an effective treatment for neck and shoulder stiffness, headaches and eye strains.

  • Hopi Ear-

    Draws impurities from the ear canal. Helpful for headaches, sinus, earaches etc.

Universal contour wrap-

Body contour wraps are an exclusive solution which relaxes the muscle, cleanses the skin from impurities and combat breakouts. The wrapping process results in shaping, detoxifying, toning, tightening of the skin, compression of body tissues, and improve lymphatic drainage.